for the girls with messy hair and thirsty hearts

My head is a mess. My hair is a mess and my bedroom floor? Also a mess. So far, this year has not worked out in my favor. To quote a book I read this fall, Charlotte Street; I like London, but I'm not sure if London likes me.

What I have done to this city, or how this city expresses it's dislike I'm not sure of. It might be my lack of creativity, lack of being able to get up in the morning. My lack of wanting to face the day, lack of being able to cross things off my to do list. As a MA student and wannabe magazine editor, I have found these lacks to be, well, lacks.

Or it may just be the cold, the darkness and the famous fog. I hope it is, for I really do miss my adventurous, slightly manic self - and the thrill of the big city.

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pernille said...

Med det været vi har hatt det siste halvåret er det ikke rart. London pleier å være finere, og snillere! Håper sola kommer snart.